How many tears have been shed over these precious items?

Mine fall, almost unknowingly, as I feel a strong connection to the grandmother I never knew.

It’s the first time I’ve seen them over 40 years. They have been encased in what waIMG_1819s soft beige leather, stitched carefully together by my mother. She had the best of intentions, so as not to lose the crucifix, two religious medals or the small portrait of Our Lady.

My grandmother had made the original red satin wrap, before encasing all in a beautiful, red leather ‘envelope’. They were always with her, even as she drewIMG_1815 her last breath, seventy four years ago, when they were passed to my mother, then just eleven years old. No doubt, many tears touched them then

This was one of the few items my mother had from her childhood. She carried them with her every day – her prayers and hopes offered, as she farewelled loved ones, gave thanks for recoveries and longed for IMG_1821help for others. All were wrapped around this much revered link with my grandmother.

This pouch was entrusted to my care, when my mother went to be with my grandmother thirty four years ago. So many tears… My turn, now, to replace the worn stitching and wrap up the love, faith and hope within, for generations to come.






2 thoughts on “MANY TEARS AGO

  1. So beautiful a keepsake to carry with you always. I hope it is treasured for many years to come. We had something like that once, though not a special one as yours is…I wonder where it went.

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