I am a lover of family, of friends, of nature, of words, of books…of life…

I love discovering more about family I know, or knew and also of those that came before me. I’m more of a family historian than a genealogist, the stories mean more to me than dates, though I’m quite partial to discovering those as well.

I live in the subtropics, grew up in the country, now live in a city and love both. I’m more of a waterfall, rivers, mountains, country, tiny villages, communities within a city, type of person, than crowded beaches and bustlng metropolis, overpriced stores person… but lead me to a bookstore at your own peril. I love writing, stories, poetry, craft, music, old wares, nostalgia, solid wood furniture, traditional styles… collect far too many things, including sewing paraphernalia, old kitchen utensils, and a few other things…. perhaps a few books and photos and stationery and… I think I’ll leave it there.

This blog was started to gather my family in one place.. I hope you enjoy their company.


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