Memories wrapped in love…

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.59.56 AM  On the 29th July, 1996, it was with great sadness that we learnt of Aunt Heather’s passing … here we are, 22 years later, and our all our happy memories remain wrapped with love. My last time with her was when I drove her to the airport so she could go to Melbourne to visit her much loved family. It was a strange time, different to all the other times I’d done the same.

Firstly, she asked that my husband meet us in a coffee shop for morning tea… before we left. I said she could stay with us the night before, so that would give us plenty of time… she’d stayed with us more and more over the last year. She was not just my Aunt, but a dear friend, with both of us, as she had been with my mother. However, she insisted that we went out for morning tea, her treat. All went well, lots of chat, but not  so much laughter as there usually was.

When we got to the airport, she was insistent that I didn’t stay with her as I normally would, rather just drop and go. It had never bothered her before, but she was getting quite upset, so I agreed. I was worried about her as she’d not long come out of hospital after an operation, though she didn’t seem to be ill, just very quiet.

I wasn’t to know that that would be the last time I saw her… a little while after she passed, I wrote the following…


How do I write a farewell to our much loved friend and Aunt

Do I talk about the many years of companionship we’ve shared

or each other’s troubles we’ve tried to share and lighten..

As I recall the warmth and hospitality, always given without a second thought..

or the understanding phone calls  “just to see if you’re ok”

perhaps the shared recipes, Aunt’s famous apple pies..

the helping hand with sick children

or just the offer of a few hours to take a break.

All of these things and many more..

and yet, none of us were prepared to say goodbye.

Rest in peace, dear Aunt and thank you for sharing our lives.

©Crissouli August 1996

Image: Heather, with her father, Tom



2 thoughts on “Memories wrapped in love…

  1. Its wonderful you have great memories of her years after she moved on. Like my dad. And mom. Mom died when I was in my mid-20s…dad lived with us and met my husband and kids. We have wonderful memories of time spent with him. Hold those memories close. They are golden.

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  2. She was a lovely lady, she and my Mum were teenagers when they met… and married brothers.
    You can read more about her in

    Memories are the treasures of life… we are never really without loved ones, they remain in our hearts always. I was 34 when my Mum passed at 51, Dad lived till 91… we just never know how long we have anyone, we just have to love them and appreciate them while we can.

    Thanks for your comment, Claudia…


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