How we miss you, Aunt Mary.. and your selfless caring for all the family, especially your mother.

I miss our long chats, our laughter, and the walking out to Nona’s, sometimes picking wildflowers along the way. I loved calling in to your place after school, even for piano practice.

The hardest part of leaving my home town was leaving you, something I know my parents felt as well. You were my confidante, my go between when I was a teenager railing against my Dad’s strict rules. It was you who taught me to cook all manner of things, and to crochet… wish I’d had more lessons for that.

It was you who stayed with my Dad and younger brother, dropping everything to come interstate to look after your youngest sibling when my mother died. You made sure they ate and rested, the little they could, when all around them was turned upside down.

I know I thanked you for all over time, but it would never be enough. Much love to you, Aunt, I am so grateful that you were with us for as long as you were.

Image ©crissouli 1985


11 thoughts on “HAPPY 105TH BIRTHDAY, AUNT MARY!

  1. I called her Aunty Mary (not really my aunt)but she played a huge roll in my life, my go to person for everthing,when I was going to be married it was Aunty Mary I took with me to choose my dress all the big moments in my life were shared with her,s uch a kind beautiful soul …I loved her very much and miss her every day

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    1. Thank you, she was a beautiful lady. Perhaps it’s because Aunts come with acceptance rather than judgement. Some folk wander through life and barely leave a mark, others leave footprints on your heart forever.

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